Friday, August 3, 2012

Quick Fix Microwaveable Chocolate Chip Cookie (aka PMS Cure in a Cup)

Okay, let's face it ladies.  When it's around that time of the month, you're not a happy camper...and everybody knows it.  You're cranky, tired, emotional, indecisive, irrational and sometimes just downright psychotic.  Everyone and everything bothers you and nothing seems to be right in the world.  And to top it off, you've got these crazy cravings.  You're constantly looking for something sweet, salty, gooey and crunchy.  Admit it, you've stood in front of that fridge (which is packed with food by the way), whining like a baby,"There's nothing to eat. Waaaaaaaaah!"  And then you cry in despair (and don't you dare deny it because it's true!). 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah...Don't you just love that?  How this crazy thing called PMS can turn even the sweetest woman (because you know we're all angels) into a demented she-devil.  I feel really bad for all the guys though.  If you haven't figured out yet guys, let me just clue you in on a little secret.  You'll never win an argument with a woman who has PMS.  You're just gonna end up in the dog house.  So just do whatever makes her happy and nobody gets hurt. Go ahead.  Just nod and say,"Yes, you're right honey.  I don't know why I thought I was right.  You're always right."  Give it a week or two and she'll be back to her normal little self again.

I must confess...I'm not the most pleasant person to be with when I have PMS.  You can ask Hubby.  And when the crazy cravings kick it...Oh better watch out!  I'll be opening the fridge door, the freezer door, the cupboards, the pantry and then the fridge door again.  The funny thing about PMS is that when you have those cravings, you want the sweet, salty, gooey and crunchy all in one dish...and you want it yesterday!  So what did I do?

I made myself what I jokingly call the "PMS cure in a cup."  It's basically a single-serving, microwaveable chocolate chip cookie.  I guess you can say PMS is the mother of crazy inventions because that's exactly how this delightful little treat came to be.  I took my quick fix microwaveable brownie, changed a few ingredients and added more wonderful goodies to it.  I popped it in the microwave from a minute or so and voila! 

It's takes just minutes to make and you can adjust it to whatever cravings you have.  You can add dried fruit or candies instead of the chocolate chips.  Then use whatever salty/crunchy food you want.  I particularly like to add crushed potato chips or pretzels.  The crazier the combination, the better it tastes (well, at least for me).

I swear this stuff fixes me and my cravings right away.  And if I top it with a big scoop of vanilla ice'm in heaven :-) Mmmmmmmm  

You gotta try this!

Quick Fix Microwaveable Chocolate Chip Cookie (aka PMS Cure in a Cup)
Makes one serving
Allergy Note: Contains dairy and wheat ingredients

2 Tbs. butter
2 Tbs. milk
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
3-4 Tbs brown sugar
4 Tbs. all-purpose flour
2 Tbs. dark chocolate chips
pinch of salt

potato chips, crushed
vanilla ice cream (optional)

Place butter and milk in a coffee cup or mug. Microwave for 30 seconds to melt the butter and warm the milk.  Stir in brown sugar and vanilla extract then mix in flour, chocolate chips and pinch of salt.  Microwave for about 1 minute on HIGH.  Allow to cool for 5 minutes before serving. 


the wild magnolia said...

I like. Probably would not add potato chips, but you never know. ;-)

Thank you.

Joan said...

seems tasty!!

Trica (Tree' - ka) said...

Will definitely try this. Probably today since it's one of those days!!

Lisa said...

That is the cutest cookie ever and I love the idea of topping it with potato chips. I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog and I'd love it if you'd come by and link your cookies up.

Sue/the view from great island said...

Bookmarking this! I've been dying to try one of the microwave cake/cookie type of things, and this one looks like a winner!

Anonymous said...

My mother and I have been craving cookies all day! We're in the midst of remodeling our kitchen so cooking any was out of the question. We were about to break down and head to Starbucks when I found this recipe. Oh my goodness!!! My mother is begging me to make her another one - so delicious- It is like a warm gooey fluffy chocolate chip cookie cake. I added drops of peanut butter into it too!! Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

This looks DELISH! Any suggestions to make it gluten-free (and just as tasty)?? :)

Carly said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. I have a daughter with a peanut and egg allergy. I was such a baker before we found this out, now it's been hard to find substitutes. I'm excited to try your sugar cookies! Having children with food allergies can be a lonely road sometimes, glad to find people in my same situation:)

Anonymous said...

Well, don't these look absolutely scrumptious! A cure for PMS, sure--but mostly a cure for, you know, just about everything else, too. Thanks so much for sharing--I'm definitely giving this cute cup cookie a try soon!

Janice said...

It was amazing. Two thumbs WAY up!

Unknown said...

This works very well using almond milk and canola oil to veganize it. Also if you want the sweet you can go down to one tablespoon of brown sugar and one and a half packets of stevia, if you like to avoid sugar highs in your children. Both ways tasted
amazing, so glad I found it!!!

Anonymous said...

This was amazing! Loved it with vanilla ice-cream! (I did not use as much sugar as was recommended)

Unknown said...

This looks lovely... :) So simple! I will definitely try it out.

Biscuits Online said...

Nice blog.. Thanks for sharing this information with us

Anonymous said...

I just made this! It turned out REALLYYY nice! Thank you so much for ur recipe! Perfect for a last minute sugar craving and it's less that 3 mins to make!
1) Do wait those 5 minutes at the end before eating ( if u can help it).. It makes al, the difference.
2) I used 2 tlbs of sugar instead of 3, and it was moooore than enough!

Thanks again!

Unknown said...

This should read "5 minutes in the microwave on High, and then let cool for 5 more." The 1 minute in high did nothing except make my coffee mugs warmer. Found five to be the magic number here. Thanks for this post, saved the day last night!

Anonymous said...

I've tried this many times and it's alwayssss amazing. Thank you so much.

As for gluten free I tried making some and it didn't work so well. The dough didn't combine as well (Perhaps it needs something else) so it was just a dusty crumbly cup of 'cookie'. This is probably because gluten can combine everything in a short space of time where as the gluten free flours need a bit longer. ;[

Unknown said...

Love it!!! I did mine for about a minute and a half, and it came out like a bread pudding. It was great, and with no eggs in the recipe I didn't feel bad about it not being completely cake/cookie like. Awesome for a quick dessert!



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