Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ruth and Daniel's Wedding Cake

Photo by Sweet Day Studio

My little sister got married!!! Woohoo!!! It's been craziness planning for this wedding but now that it's all done and the kids started summer break, I can finally sit down and tell you all about this gorgeous cake :-)


When I sat down with my sister to talk to her about her wedding cake, I was ready to bring out all my creativity on the table and sketch out this colorful and elaborate cake. But when I asked her what kind of wedding cake she envisioned, I was a little surprised with her answer. "I just want a simple white cake," she said. Huh? I kinda sat there for a few minutes scratching my head. "Really? No colorful design. No gold. No silver. No anything? Just a simple...white...cake?" I asked. "Yup. You can do whatever you want as long as it's a simple white cake," she said.  And that's exactly what I did...sort of.


Okay, so I added a few scrolls here and there and a bead border, but it's still a white cake, right? I never said I wasn't going to add scrolls.  I couldn't help it. Good thing she loved it when I showed it to her. Whew!

cake slice

Look at that cake slice! It makes me so giddy it's ridiculous. My sister said to be creative with the cake flavor so I thought it would be so fun and unexpected to cut into a gorgeous white wedding cake and see all these colorful layers inside. I made one layer of chocolate cake, one layer of vanilla butter cake and one layer of red velvet cake then filled and frosted them with cream cheese frosting.


Since I was going to be the matron-of-honor, I couldn't possibly set up the cake before the reception because I'll be at the ceremony with everyone else. So once again, as I did for my cousin's wedding, I opted to make a display cake for the reception and sheet cakes to be served to the guests. Instead of adding a compartment for the real cake slice, I decided to cut a slot in the bottom tier for the couple to put the knife through. This way, I could make everything in advance, give the display cake to the wedding planners so they could take care of it and leave the sheet cakes with the kitchen staff to cut and serve at the reception.


Now, I didn't forget my boys and their food allergies. I made vegan chocolate cupcakes for all the kids and decorated each cupcake with these pretty fondant toppers with a scroll design to match the wedding cake.


As if that wasn't enough, I also made champagne truffles for wedding favors. Hey, what can I say? I love my little sister and my new brother :-)


Congratulations Ruth and Daniel! May you have many many years of happiness together! I love you both so much :-)

Check out this beautiful video by the talented team at Sweet Day Studio.  Love love love! They did a same-day edit and screened it at the reception.! It brought everyone to tears. You'll catch a glimpse of the bride and groom during the cake cutting as well as me crying during my speech. The song they used for the video is called Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.

Ruth and Daniel's Wedding Highlights by Sweet Day Studio


Vera said...

woww..... the cake is just perfect!!
Love all the white details :)
Beautiful :)



turmericnspice said...

Congratulation to you, your sister and the family ! The cake is breathtaking beautiful. I just loved the details. Gorgeous !!

Pastry Esquire said...

What a beautiful cake, inside and out! You are insanely creative! And your sister's wedding video is awesome. Congratulations to you and your family!

It's Carmen said...

What a lovely wedding cake. You created a masterpiece. Love that wedding video. Their wedding location looks eerily familiar. Is that in La Jolla?

Art of Dessert said...

Thank you Carmen! Yes, their wedding was at the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla, CA. Beautiful location :-)

Mamun said...

I like your blog keep it up great work




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