Monday, November 28, 2011

Call for Submissions: Cookie Exchange 2011

Art of Dessert Cookie Exchange
Gingerbread Man

The holiday season has finally arrived!  I know all of you are gonna be busy baking up a storm and making wonderful desserts for all your friends and family.  One of the things I always wished I could do but haven't had the chance to is have a cookie exchange.  So I thought why not host a virtual cookie exchange and feature all of your favorite cookie recipes.

Egg-Free Sugar Cookies with Egg-Free Royal Icing Sugar Cookies

I would really LOVE to see a collection of allergen-friendly recipes (i.e. recipes free of at least one or two of the top food allergens found in cookies: peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, soy, wheat and dairy).  Since my two kids have multiple food allergies (my oldest is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, eggs and soy; my youngest is allergic to eggs and dairy), I'm always trying to find or create recipes that both of them can enjoy.  And even though they're not allergic to wheat anymore, I know how challenging it is to bake without key ingredients like wheat, eggs and dairy.  If you're a parent of a child (or children) with food allergies, you know how difficult it is to navigate around all the food-centric festivities during this time of year. It's truly a blessing to find "safe" treats for them to enjoy during the holidays.

Have another cookie... Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you'd like to participate, please share a cookie recipe (or two) from your blog. You can submit an old post or a new one. I would appreciate a mention and a link back to this cookie exchange event in your post but it is not required. If you'd like, you may simply write, "I submitted this recipe to be a part of Cookie Exchange 2011 hosted by Rianne at Art of Dessert." Send an email with "Cookie Exchange 2011" in the subject line to artofdessert (at) gmail (dot) com and include the following information:

- Your name
- Your Blog's name
- Your Post URL/Permalink
- One 150x150 pixel photo

Sunbutter Chocolate Chip Rice Krispy Treats
Sunbutter and Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats

The deadline to submit your recipes is midnight PST Saturday December 10, 2011 so I can post all of your wonderful recipes in time for everyone to try them out for the holidays :-)

Thank you so much for participating in this event and I can't wait to see all your wonderful cookie recipes!

- Rianne

shortbreadSimple Shortbread Cookies


queen of the castle said...

I doubt I will have anything to contribute, but will be looking on with interest! I have a daughter with an egg allergy and have been blessed by your egg-free cookie recipes using cream cheese. My husband and I are going wheat & grain free for a while and baking with coconut or almond "flour". It will be an interesting Christmas in the kitchen this year!

Jeanette said...

Looking forward to seeing some allergen friendly cookie recipes, just in time for the holidays.

Lexie said...

Rianne, thanks for the invite! Will see if I can come up with something. xoLexie

Catherine said...

I want to thank you for sharing all of your recipes. I am not a baker so I use a lot of your recipes (as well as Food Allergy Mama).

My son is allergic to eggs and peanuts and it is difficult to navigate the holidays. But when I find a cookie or cupcake that I can bake (= simple), is allergen free, and tastes delicious, it feels fantastic.

So thank you (and I'm looking forward to the recipe exchange).

Mary Bergfeld said...

Your cookies look wonderful. I am new to your blog but really liked the food I found here. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Lori said...

Thank you for inviting me to join. I love the idea of a cookie exchange. I will send the recipes to you shortly.


Elizabeth said...

I'm so excited for this! I really wanted to be apart of the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap but I found out about it after the deadline had already passed.

Unknown said...

I already sent in my cookie recipe. Do I have time to change it? I just made a new recipe yesterday that is my new all time favorite!!! Let me know! THanks!
Elizabeth at

Art of Dessert said...

Hi Elizabeth! No it's not too late to change it but you can also just add your new recipe and have two submissions. It's perfectly fine :-)



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