Monday, November 10, 2008

Tutorial: How to Make a Fondant Frame


Whenever I'm shopping for new toys...errrr tools, I always have a hard time narrowing down which ones to get because I want to buy them all. To keep myself from going on a spending spree, I try to practice some restraint by getting one or two items each month (okay, maybe three). My most recent purchase is an FMM textured lace set . One of the lace patterns looked remarkably similar to the pattern on a picture frame I have. So I had an idea...I'm going to make a picture frame out of fondant!
Here are the tools I used:

Materials for fondant frame
- paintbrushes
- clear alcohol (i.e. lemon extract or vodka)
- paring knife(not shown)

First, roll the fondant to the desired thickness and use the cookie cutter to cut out a rectangle.

Roll the remaining fondant to the same thickness. Press the FMM textured lace pattern onto the fondant.


Turn over the FMM textured lace pattern and repeat this pattern all over.


Use the pizza cutter to cut the fondant into strips.


Place the strips around the rectangle, overlapping them at the corners.


Use the paring knife to cut the overlapping strips at an angle. This will create the mitered edges for the picture frame.



The picture frame is finished now and ready to be painted.

fondant frame w/o gold

Brush the frame with gold luster dust.

fondant frame with antique gold luster dust

Mix some gold luster dust with clear alcohol to make gold "paint." Use a small paintbrush to write the message on the picture frame.

Fondant frame - finished

I got to try this technique on Dean's birthday cake last week. I think it looks nice with my favorite scroll design.

Dean's Birthday Cake


Anne said...

I admire your generosity in sharing your talent. you are gifted! The frame is simply beautiful...not only the frame but all your cakes as well :)

Anonymous said...

i wish those "toys" available in Indonesia..


Anonymous said...

What size tip did you use on this design? It is beautiful. I would love to try it on my next cake.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing..
You are talented :)



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