Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tutorial: Making Simple and Easy Monograms

Monogram cupcake
Monogram made from rolled fondant

I recently started using monogram plaques on my cupcakes. I've been using plaques on cakes for a while, but I never thought of using them on cupcakes until now. I was inspired by the individual pastries found in tres chic patisseries like Laduree and Pierre Herme. If you've ever browsed through their display, you'll notice that they top their pastries with logo inscribed plaques. The plaques they use are actually made of chocolate and the logo is made of melted cocoa butter and powdered food color. To make them, a thin layer of chocolate is spread over a pre-printed acetate transfer sheet. The chocolate is allowed to cool for a little bit before cutting into desired shapes. Once the chocolate has set, the plastic is peeled off, leaving the logo imprinted onto the plaque.
I decided to recreate that look using fondant and gumpaste because, a) it's quicker and easier to make, b) the materials are readily available in any arts and craft store, and c) I can be a bit more creative with the designs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designs and shapes; you can stay simple and elegant or get fun and creative. You can try using Alphabet Stamps(like for scrapbooking) to imprint letters or designs onto the fondant or gumpaste. You can also try using Wilton White Candy Melts as plaques (just paint the letters on the flat side).
M is for Matthew
Monograms made from Wilton Candy Melts
Here are just a few of the ideas I came up with. You can search online for font types that are easy to copy onto a plaque.
To make monogram plaques, you'll need:
- rolled fondant or gumpaste
-fondant rolling pin

- fine tip paintbrushes
- food color (powder, gel or paste) or gold luster dust

- food color pens

- small round cutters

- letter and number fondant/gumpaste cutters

- clear alcohol (vodka or lemon extract)

Monogram materials

To start, roll the fondant or gumpaste into the desired thickness and cut out shapes. Let them dry a bit so they'll be easier to write on.


For this design, I wrote the "R" with a black food color pen then I mixed silver luster dust with vodka and painted dots around the plaque and inside the "R."
R monogram

I used the same black food color pen to write the "N" and drew a border around.
N monogram
The letters on this diamond plaque were painted on with a silver luster dust and vodka mix.

The "H" was stamped on with a fondant letter cutter. I painted it with gold luster dust then painted an S pattern with silver luster dust.

H monogram

I used red gel food color to paint this monogram plaque.

S monogram

This is the same technique as above; I just used green gel food color.

M monogram

Have fun making these monogram plaques. Use them to personalize cakes, cupcakes or any other dessert. So far, I've used them for a birthday, a baby shower, an engagement party and a baptism. What's next? A wedding? Hmmm.... stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

What a simple and easy way to dress up a cupcake! You always have such great tips!

For the last two, did you just dip the brush in straight gel food color or did you have to mix it with the vodka like the luster dust?

Art of Dessert said...

Hi Cyndi!
I mixed just a couple of drops of vodka to get the consistency just right for painting.

djavellana said...

where do you get the pre-printed acetate transfer sheet? thank you very much.

Art of Dessert said...

Hi Dorothy!
You can easily find them online. They're also known as "chocolate transfer sheets." These are the online stores I like shop at and they each have different types of transfer sheets:



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